Case Study: Kidfund outpaced its transferred funds projection by 20% after implementing Dwolla for payments

Kidfund aspires to help parents save for their children, efficiently and seamlessly. To overcome user onboarding concerns, Kidfund integrated the Dwolla Platform, creating a fluid experience for connecting a banking source and transferring funds. Walk through the integration process in this case study and understand how Kidfund got the exact functionality it needed.

ACH is not a simple process to understand. If you told me I had to deal with SFTPing fixed-width text files to a bank or the Federal Reserve, I would probably run. But Dwolla takes all of that complexity and wraps it up behind a well-documented API that does exactly what it says it does, so all we have to think about in transferring money is ‘who’ and ‘how much.'

- Chris Johnson, Sr. Developer